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Online Account Opening for Credit Unions & Banks

Online Account Opening

Account Opening Made Easy Making the Complex Simple The true test of a high-quality technology solution is that users...

Customized for Your Needs

Customized for Your Needs. We have all been there. You kick off a new technology project and as you begin...

Technology And Partner Exchange

Fast, reliable, flexible and easy to use. That is the foundation of the fiVISION account opening solution and demonstrates how we...

Online Account Opening

Make it a joy to complete an application. FiVISION provides you the ability to amaze people interested in opening a new account. Ask about our sky high application completion rates - because people love our Applications!

Tight Integration With Your Core

We know interfaces - find high performance and robust integration for the data you need, in the systems you need it, when you need it.

Enjoyable Account Opening

We have cracked the code for an enjoyable experience for opening new accounts.

Intuitive Management Console

We ensure you can manage account applications with ease using our simple-yet-advanced technology.

Automate KYC

We are the one stop for an integrated account opening experience, including integrated identity verification, eSign, background checks and so much more!


Responsive Design means your applicants can use Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop in have the same experience. You can even switch between devices - Awesome!

Flexible Branding

No one knows your business like you do, that is why we provide you the ability to custom brand your site.

Why choose fiVISION?

Flexible, Intuitive, Feature Rich

Our Credit Union and Banking solutions provide advanced technology so opening a new account is effortless for applicants. This may be the first interaction this applicant has with your institution. By using fiVISION’s account opening solutions, you will ensure their experience is efficient, fast and enjoyable!

  • Customization

    We give you the reins to customize your account opening application workflows to meet your market needs. From simple text changes to workflow redesign, it is your application. And of course we are there to help if needed.

  • Integration

    Seamless and many are the integrations with our account opening solution: core processors, LOS, Fraud/ID Check, eSign, switch kit and a ton more!

  • Configurable Decision Engine

    Use our configurable decision engine to easily tailor and adjust elements of your decision process. Is that cool or what!

  • Branding & Identity

    What more can we say? Your Application - Your Branding - We would never settle for less!

our partners

By working with world-class financial services companies, fiVISION ensures a reliable, fast and enjoyable online account opening experience for Credit Union and Banking clients.