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For Credit Unions & Banks

A Powerfully Simple Account Opening Platform for Credit Unions & Banks.

Increase new accounts through an enjoyable, personalized experience, designed and branded for your institution.


Account Opening is Who We Are.

- Not Just what we do -

For almost 20 years, our mission has been to make the account opening process effortless (and fully customizable)
for credit unions, banks, their members, and customers.

Because adapting to industry standards
should also propel your financial institution's growth.

  • Real-time Integrations
    Check out our ever-expanding list of integrations. From core processors to electronic signatures to decision support systems – the most complete, fast, and real-time industry solutions.
  • Integrated Decision Engine
    You have control over approval rule setup for each of your workflows and products- putting the power of fraud services and risk configuration at your fingertips.
  • Save time with Automation
    Automating tasks gives you the confidence that key items will be completed, always on time. From approval sequencing to automatic decisioning, all automated, faster, and with less human error.
  • ~ 4 min app completion
    We credit our record time application completion speed with your ability to customize your customer experience and the ease with which the application process is completed.
  • Increase conversion rate
    Our tight platform integration and branding makes this the most effective way to increase your new account opening as evidenced by some of our recent reviews.
  • Best Value
    Only Pay for Submitted Applications. Costs for supporting and developing account opening technology continues to climb. Maximize your investment in Account Opening and maintain an up-to-date user interface at a competitive cost.

Fully Custom.

Custom Layouts • Forms • Sequences •
Integrations and More!

Whether you customize to your branding,
or simply decide to run with our platform setup,
you are always in control!
Our team of creatives and consultants is also available
to guide you along the way and get you online in record time.

configure autonomously - without the dev time

We launched no-code solutions
decades before the age of no-code.

Easily personalize the applicant's experience, make intelligent cross-sell offers, and customize decisioning and processing, all with the same technology.

Decision Engine
Customize specific fraud detection services to match your needs, and be able to adapt to market conditions quickly!

Products & Campaigns
Set multiple product offers, run campaigns, and customize product types - all with just a few clicks!

SMS & Email
Easily setup and customize email drip campaigns and text messaging notifications and communicate with your applicants the way they prefer!

...and many, many more!

Build Way Beyond Templates.

Everything your team needs from an account opening partner.

New Release

Get What You Want,
When You Want it.

With multiple scheduled releases per year, our system only gets better with a new and improved features, integrations, and much more based on the markets' ever-changing needs!


Integrate seamlessly with 50+ industry-leading providers.

Direct-connect to our cores and LOS providers

What some of our customers are saying...

  • star star star star star
    “Improved cross sell efficiency and closing 77% of loan amounts offered to online applicants adding a significant increase to loan revenue”
  • star star star star star
    “Increased account opening 40% through ACCOUNTworks over the past 24 months and substantially increased funding sum for accounts.”
  • star star star star star
    “fiVISION has provided a platform for us to standardize the process by which accounts are opened across our channels (online and in-branch) saving 15 minutes per application in the total process, and most importantly improving and ensuring accuracy for the account opening process steps. Email functionality is also a tremendous help in our on boarding process to maintain communication with new customers.”
  • star star star star star
    “The fiVISION account opening launch to over 1,000 branch service representatives was one of the best, if not the best, project deliveries we (FI) have experienced. Representative were trained and the rollout to all reps was successfully completed in under a week opening new account through Instant Open the first week.”
  • star star star star star
    “The fiVISION team was impressively responsive during our project and provided custom solutions we could not find with any other vendor/partner. fiVISION provided us solutions to problems even some we did not know we needed and that provides value to our customers. fiVISION can execute, a real strength!”
  • star star star star star
    “fiVISION’s Management Console is very intuitive and provides a quick ramp up for our msr’s after our conversion. We were convinced after our first meeting that fiVISION was the right vendor for our credit union and the success of our project was proof.”