The most recent update to ACCOUNTworks2 (v2.12.3) gives clients more ways to analyze and monitor your account opening processes. In addition to the Dashboard tools that were highlighted recently, the newest release provides the first slug of reporting tools to help you drill down into various aspects to see what is going on.

Applications are unique. They come from different places, different channels, new members and existing members. Several new Application Reports help you take a look at many of these factors. Each – of course – allows you to filter report results by the time frame that you are interested in.

Along with the Application Reports, we updated the Form & Task Reports to be more helpful and provide more information. Want to know how many open tasks a staff member has on their plate? … or how many new forms from this week are still pending review? Just fire up a Form or Task report and find out.

To learn more about the analysis tools in ACCOUNTworks clients can check out the help site article called Analyzing Information (Search, Reports & Charts).

As always … look for new features from fiVISION soon!