Recently we added a new feature we think is pretty cool in the ACCOUNTworks 2G platform. We call it ‘The Dashboard’.

The purposes is to give users more information about what is happening in their organization with account applications – how many are coming in? being approved? how much funding is involved? When we sat down to figure out the best way to help people get that information we reached two important design decisions. First, depending on what you do in the organization you might be interested in different things. Second, pictures are better than numbers.

So, today we are telling you about the dashboard. Here’s an example widget (chart) that is already available to you.There are several initial widgets to choose from (we say ‘initial’ because we know you’ll want more soon!). To learn more about how to set up your Dashboard – go to the help site for ACCOUNTworks and read more about it! (easiest way is to type ‘Dashboard’ in the search box there …) Have fun!