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Make account opening and enrollment Smart, Fast & Accurate with ACCOUNTworks

One of the challenges in today’s environment is making sure your new member enrollment and account opening processes are complete and consistent – and yet easy on your staff and quick for your members. At fiVISION, we worked with our clients to create ACCOUNTworks to specifically address these challenges.

ACCOUNTworks Account Opening & Member Enrollment

All ACCOUNTworks implementations are designed to give you control over your new membership and account opening processes.

This includes helping you determine what information you want to collect and how to set up a decision matrix that incorporates information from credit bureau, fraud and OFAC checks to give you a predictable process.

The fiVISION enrollment and account opening solutions support applications regardless of where they come from – online, in the branch, the call center, or in the mail. The idea is to give you a platform that allows you to open your memberships and accounts the same way throughout the organization.

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